What is NYZ token

We are building a peer to peer marketplace
for users to send and receive packages.

NYZ token will power the platform for easy payments.

We are making it easier to send parcels in a decentralized marketplace with complete privacy.

We aim to integrate all package sending and receiving by building a robust community that will be honest with authentic reviews and live package tracking. Our unified blockchain ecosystem will redefine the package delivery business, making it fast, efficient, transparent, timely and reliable.


The Inzagy Advantage

What makes our project unique? And why should you invest in our platform?.

Solves a problem

Let's be honest; everyone has experienced high shipping costs, especially international shipping. We thought, why not send your package to someone who is already headed to your destination! That's where inzagy comes in; a community for everyone to send and earn.

We are different

Our target audience is everyone on the move. Faster delivery of any package since the flight or commute will be in advance—a quicker and more affordable solution.


Easy to use app and platform (coming soon). With an integrated token system, sender and taker communication system built around trust and accountability, Inzagy will revolutionize the way packages are sent locally and around the globe.


Pre-Sale & Values

The Inzagy (NYZ) token will be released on the Binance smart chain. Its compatibility with third-party services wallets and exchanges will make it easy to use and integrate.


July 15th, 2021 (7:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for pre-sale

10,000,000 NYZ (5%)


August 20, 2021 (12:00PM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 BNB = 90500 NYZ, depending on BNB price change

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

$10 USD


Sale Proceed Allocation


Initial Token Distribution


What we'll be up to in 2021

Our team, will be working hard to achieve these milestones.


App Coming Soon!

Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in the global marketplace to earn by delivering items when commuting. You can also earn by holding our tokens, and spending the tokens on our marketplace and staking them to maximize earnings.

The Inzagy app will allow users to fully engage in the marketplace by sending and receiving goods worldwide.

  • Integrated token payment system as well as easy-pay with fiat
  • Fast and reliable peer 2 peer shipping and receiving network
  • Easy to use with a sleek yet simple design
  • Multiple earning possibilities: Earn by participating as a deliverer, token holder, staking, and trading our token
  • Fast and accessible to anyone

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, get in touch via email below.

What is the pre-sale period and why is it good for me?

Pre-sale is when you may purchase our token at a considerable discount. Once the Pre-sale period is launched, You can buy NYZ Token with BNB using pancake swap (other pairings coming soon).

Can I use my debit or credit card to purchase?

At the moment, our token is paired with BNB (Binance coin), and you can use it to purchase our token on pancakeswap. However, we accept debit & credit card direct purchase from certain countries. You must already have a wallet address set up for us to send the token. Please contact us in advacne for debit/credit purchases.

How can I participate in the NYZ Token sale?

Once Pre-Sale period is launched, You can purchased Token with the Binance coin (BNB), we will also make it easy to purchase via credit and debit card. Read the answer to the using credit/debit card question for more info.

How can I participate in the Pre-sale?

Follow us on Instagram, @IamInzagy, Twitter or discord for the official Pre-sale date announcement. It is set for June 24th, 2021; however, this may change as we achieve some of our milestones faster than anticipated.

What is your contract address?

Our token contract address is: 0x6c82311bd8c59418ba30abe6385f40a54ff82cf1

When is the token Pre-sale date to buy at a discount?

Anticipated Presale date is July 15th, 2021

The tokens can be used to pay for what and where?

Inzagy token (NYZ) will be used to pay for services on the marketplace.

What is my expected return?

We do not know yet, but as we build upon our project, the token price should increase, and the value and your investment can only grow. We aim to have the token valued at $0.50 within a year. The Pre-sale price of the token will be $0.01. Thus with $100, you can purchase 10,000 NYZ tokens during Pre-sale. If our token reaches $0.50, that $100 will be worth $5,000. Imagine the possibilities. Now imagine buying more than $100 worth...

How would the Pre-Sale funds be used?

The Pre-Sale will allow us to get a headstart on some of our road map projects. Funds will be used to hire more developers to build our marketplace and the App for marketing, branding and other core business needs.

Can tokens be purchased after the Pre-Sale event?

Yes, but the price will increase a certain percentage.

How would I receive my tokens?

Tokens will be sent to the BEP20 address you provide on purchases using credit or debit card.

Where else will I be able to buy your token?

At the moment, you can purchase out token on Pancakeswap. We will seek to be added to other exchanges as we progress with our road map.

Will your token be available on exchanges?

Yes, we will be seeking token listing as per our road map.

Will unsold tokens be burned?

Yes, unsold tokens will be burned, thus increasing the value of the tokens owned.

Is your team fully committed to the project?

Absolutely. Unlike many token-based projects, this is an actual business with a genuine product, brand and personnel who want to solve a problem that many people have but hasn't been solved. Founder tokens are locked for 3 years.

Is your project operationally sound?

Yes, we are a registered company Federal EIN #87-1188875 - Inzagy Technologies in the state of Delaware.

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